pcb-fpw is yet another footprintwizard for PCB.

fpw is a CLI based version for the creation of footprint files used by the pcb layout editor. pcb-gfpw (gtkfootprintwizard) is a GTK based version (eye-candy). For now this is a project with an "under construction" status, it does compile and generates footprints for a number of packages (not all).
Here are some screenshots of pcb-gfpw I made during the development of the footprint wizard.
screenshot tab 1.
screenshot tab 2.
screenshot tab 3.
screenshot tab 4.
screenshot tab 5.

There happens to be a User Manual and some Doxygen information for people interested in developing on pcb-fpw.
Get the tarballs here.
The git repository with the bleeding edge version lives here.
pcb-fpw is not thoroughly checked, so YMMV :) and no guarantees whatsoever.
I have been successfull in compiling and running pcb-fpw-0.0.6 on cygwin under Windows XP.
Please send all replies to Bert Timmerman.

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