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2.2.1 General object functions

— Function: object? obj

Returns ‘#t’ if and only if obj is an object.

— Function: copy-object object

Returns a deep copy of object. The new object returned has no attached attributes, and is not part of a page or part of a component object.

— Function: object-component object

Returns the component object that contains object, or ‘#f’ if object is not part of a component.

— Function: object-connections object

Returns a list of other objects that are directly connected to object. If object is not included in a page, raises an ‘object-state’ error. The connections reported are independent of inclusion in components.

For example, consider a page containing a net and a component, and the component contains a single pin. If the connectable end of the pin intersects the net, then (object-connections <net>) will return a list containing the pin object, and not the component.