pcb 4.1.1
An interactive printed circuit board layout editor.

File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
action.c [code]Action routines for output window
action.h [code]Prototypes for action routines
actions.c [code]
actions.h [code]
autoplace.c [code]Functions used to autoplace elements
autoplace.h [code]Prototypes for autoplace routines
autoroute.c [code]Functions used to autoroute nets
autoroute.h [code]Prototypes for autoroute routines
auxiliary.h [code]This header file collects some general-purpose macros (and static inline functions) that are used in various places
batch.c [code]This is a text-line "batch" HID, which exists for scripting and non-GUI needs
batch_lists.h [code]
bbtree.c [code]
bitmap.h [code]This header file collects some general-purpose macros (and static inline functions) that are used in various places
bom.c [code]Prints a centroid file in a format which includes data needed by a pick and place machine
boolean.c [code]
box.h [code]Random box-related utilities
buffer.c [code]Functions used by paste- and move/copy buffer
buffer.h [code]Prototypes for buffer handling routines
cdt.c [code]
change.c [code]Functions used to change object properties
change.h [code]Prototypes to change object properties
clip.c [code]Functions for inserting points into objects
clip.h [code]Prototypes for inserting points into objects
compat.c [code]
compat.h [code]
const.h [code]Global source constants
container.c [code]
copy.c [code]Functions used to copy pins, elements ..
copy.h [code]Prototypes for copy routines
core_lists.h [code]
create.c [code]Functions used to create vias, pins ..
create.h [code]Prototypes for create routines
crosshair.c [code]Crosshair stuff
crosshair.h [code]Prototypes for crosshair routines
curvature.c [code]
curve.c [code]Private part of the path and curve data structures
curve.h [code]Header file for path and curve data structures
data.c [code]Just defines common identifiers
data.h [code]Common identifiers
dbus-pcbmain.c [code]PCB HID main loop integration
dbus-pcbmain.h [code]
dbus.c [code]D-Bus IPC logic
dbus.h [code]D-Bus IPC logic
decompose.c [code]Auxiliary bitmap manipulations
decompose.h [code]Header file for auxiliary bitmap manipulations
dialogs.c [code]
djopt.c [code]
djopt.h [code]
dolists.h [code]
draw.c [code]Drawing routines
draw.h [code]Prototypes for drawing routines
draw_helpers.c [code]
draw_helpers.h [code]
drill.c [code]
drill.h [code]
edge.c [code]
edif.c [code]
edif.h [code]
edif_parse.h [code]
eheap.c [code]
eps.c [code]
error.c [code]Error and debug functions
error.h [code]Prototypes for error and debug functions
extents.c [code]
face.c [code]
fifo.c [code]
file.c [code]File save, load, merge ... routines
file.h [code]Prototypes for file routines
find.c [code]Routines to find connections between pins, vias, lines ..
find.h [code]Prototypes for connection search routines
flags.c [code]
hid/common/flags.c [code]
fontmode.c [code]
free_atexit.c [code]
free_atexit.h [code]
gcode.c [code]GCODE export HID
gcode_lists.h [code]
gerber.c [code]
getline.c [code]
gettext.h [code]
ghid-cell-renderer-visibility.c [code]Implementation of GtkCellRenderer for layer visibility toggler
ghid-cell-renderer-visibility.h [code]
ghid-coord-entry.c [code]
ghid-coord-entry.h [code]
ghid-layer-selector.c [code]
ghid-layer-selector.h [code]
ghid-main-menu.c [code]Implementation of GHidMainMenu widget
ghid-main-menu.h [code]
ghid-route-style-selector.c [code]
ghid-route-style-selector.h [code]
global.h [code]Definition of types
gpcb-menu.res.h [code]
graph.c [code]
gsvit.c [code]HID exporter for gsvit
gsvit_lists.h [code]
gtk_lists.h [code]
gtkhid-gdk.c [code]Functions for drawing on the GTK 2D graphics canvas
gtkhid-gl.c [code]
gtkhid-main.c [code]
gtkhid.h [code]
gts-private.h [code]
gts.h [code]
gui-command-window.c [code]Provides a command entry window for the GTK UI
gui-config.c [code]
gui-dialog-print.c [code]
gui-dialog.c [code]
gui-drc-window.c [code]
gui-drc-window.h [code]
gui-keyref-window.c [code]
gui-library-window.c [code]
gui-library-window.h [code]
gui-log-window.c [code]
gui-misc.c [code]
gui-netlist-window.c [code]
gui-output-events.c [code]
gui-pinout-preview.c [code]
gui-pinout-preview.h [code]
gui-pinout-window.c [code]
gui-top-window.c [code]This handles creation of the top level window and all its widgets
gui-trackball.c [code]
gui-trackball.h [code]
gui-utils.c [code]
gui.h [code]
src/heap.c [code]Operations on heaps
gts/heap.c [code]
heap.h [code]Prototypes for heap routines
hid.h [code]Human Interface Device
hid_draw.h [code]Human Interface Device - Drawing
hid_resource.c [code]
hid_resource.h [code]
hidgl.c [code]
hidgl.h [code]
hidinit.c [code]
hidinit.h [code]
hidint.h [code]HID internal interfaces
hidnogui.c [code]
hidnogui.h [code]
hsurface.c [code]
insert.c [code]Functions used to insert points into objects
insert.h [code]Prototypes for inserting points into objects
intersect.c [code]Rectangle intersection/union routines
intersect.h [code]Prototypes for rectangle intersection/union routines
ipcd356.c [code]IPC-D-356 Netlist export
iso.c [code]
isotetra.c [code]
kdtree.c [code]
layerflags.c [code]Functions for changing layer flags
layerflags.h [code]Prototypes for changing layer flags
lesstif.h [code]
lesstif_lists.h [code]
library.c [code]
line.c [code]Routines for inserting points into objects
line.h [code]Prototypes for inserting points into objects
lists.h [code]Here we define some general list macros
lpr.c [code]
lrealpath.c [code]Libiberty realpath
lrealpath.h [code]Prototypes for Libiberty realpath
macro.h [code]Some commonly used macros not related to a special C-file
main-test.c [code]
hid/lesstif/main.c [code]The lesstif HID implementation
main.c [code]Main program, initializes some stuff and handles user input
matrix.c [code]
menu.c [code]
mirror.c [code]Functions used to change the mirror flag of an object
mirror.h [code]Prototypes to change objects mirror flag
src/misc.c [code]Misc functions used by several modules
gts/misc.c [code]
misc.h [code]Prototypes for misc routines
move.c [code]Functions used to move pins, elements ..
move.h [code]Prototypes for move routines
mtspace.c [code]Implementation for "empty space" routines (needed for via-space tracking in the auto-router
mtspace.h [code]Prototypes for "empty space" routines (needed for via-space tracking in the auto-router
mymem.c [code]Memory management functions
mymem.h [code]Prototypes for memory routines
named.c [code]
nelma.c [code]
nelma_lists.h [code]
hid/lesstif/netlist.c [code]
netlist.c [code]Generic netlist operations
object.c [code]
oocs.c [code]
parse_l.c [code]
parse_l.h [code]Just defines common parser identifiers
parse_y.c [code]
parse_y.h [code]
partition.c [code]
pcb-menu.res.h [code]
pcb-printf.c [code]Implementation of printf wrapper to output pcb coords and angles
pcb-printf.h [code]This file defines a wrapper around sprintf, that defines new specifiers that take pcb Coord objects as input
pgraph.c [code]
png.c [code]
png.h [code]
png_lists.h [code]
point.c [code]
polyarea.h [code]Poly_Boolean: a polygon clip library
polygon.c [code]Special polygon editing routines
polygon.h [code]Prototypes for polygon editing routines
polygon1.c [code]Polygon clipping functions
potracelib.h [code]This file defines the API for the core Potrace library
predicates.c [code]
predicates.h [code]
print.c [code]Printing routines
print.h [code]Prototypes for printing routines
ps.c [code]
ps.h [code]
ps_lists.h [code]
psurface.c [code]
puller.c [code]
rats.c [code]Rats nest routines
rats.h [code]Prototypes for rats routines
refine.c [code]
relocate.c [code]Relocate plug-in for PCB
remove.c [code]Functions used to remove vias, pins ..
remove.h [code]Prototypes for remove routines
renumber.c [code]Renumber refdesses on pcb or in the buffer
report.c [code]
report.h [code]
res_lex.c [code]
res_parse.c [code]
res_parse.h [code]
resource.h [code]
rotate.c [code]Functions used to rotate pins, elements ..
rotate.h [code]Prototypes for transform routines
rounding.h [code]
rtree.c [code]Implements r-tree structures
rtree.h [code]Prototypes for r-tree routines
rubberband.c [code]Functions used by 'rubberband moves'
rubberband.h [code]Prototypes for rubberband routines
search.c [code]Search routines
search.h [code]Prototypes for search routines
segment.c [code]
select.c [code]Select routines
select.h [code]Prototypes for select routines
set.c [code]Routines to update widgets and global settings (except output window and dialogs)
set.h [code]Prototypes for update routines
smartdisperse.c [code]Smart dispersion of elements
split.c [code]
strcasestr.c [code]Replacement for strcasestr on systems which need it
strflags.c [code]Strflags
strflags.h [code]Prototypes for strflags
stripe.c [code]
styles.c [code]
surface.c [code]
teardrops.c [code]Functions for handling the teardrop property of pins and vias
thermal.c [code]Negative thermal finger polygons
thermal.h [code]Prototypes for thermal routines
toporouter.c [code]Topological Autorouter for PCB
toporouter.h [code]Topological Autorouter for PCB
trace.c [code]Transform jaggy paths into smooth curves
trace.h [code]
trackball.c [code]
trackball.h [code]
triangle.c [code]
tribox3.c [code]
undo.c [code]Functions used to undo operations
undo.h [code]Prototypes for undo routines
vector.c [code]Operations on vectors
vector.h [code]Prototypes for vectors routines
vendor.c [code]
vendor.h [code]
vertex.c [code]
vopt.c [code]
xincludes.h [code]
xmlout.h [code]