pcb-plugins File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
autocrop.c [code]
boardflip.c [code]
cIFace.c [code]
cIFace.h [code]
distalign.c [code]
findelement.c [code]Plug-in for PCB to find the specified element
findrat.c [code]
footprintupdate.c [code]
ghellopcb.c [code]Plug-in for PCB to say "Hello world"
join-found.c [code]
jostle.c [code]
lockelements.c [code]Unlocking/locking elements plug-in for PCB
matrix.c [code]
matrix.h [code]
pad-pin-data.c [code]
pad-pin-data.h [code]
polycombine.c [code]
polystitch.c [code]
renumberblock.c [code]
sedrename.c [code]
smartdisperse.c [code]
teardrops.c [code]
upth2pth.c [code]A p[lug-in for pcb to change UnPlated Through Holes to Plated Through Holes or vice versa
utilities.c [code]
utilities.h [code]

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