File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
a_basic.c [code]Basic libgeda read and write functions
colors.h [code]Define some constants for the colors
defines.h [code]Global libgeda definitions
edaerrors.c [code]
edaerrors.h [code]
f_basic.c [code]File related functions
f_print.c [code]Functions to write postscript files
funcs.h [code]
g_basic.c [code]
g_rc.c [code]Parse configuration files
g_register.c [code]
geda_list.c [code]List derived from GList with GObject properties
geda_list.h [code]
gettext_priv.h [code]
globals.h [code]Global libgeda variables
i_vars.c [code]
i_vars_priv.h [code]
libgeda.c [code]
libgeda.h [code]
libgeda_priv.h [code]
libgedaguile.h [code]
libgedaguile_priv.h [code]
m_basic.c [code]
m_bounds.c [code]
m_box.c [code]Low-level mathmatical functions for boxes
m_circle.c [code]Low-level mathmatical functions for circles
m_hatch.c [code]
m_line.c [code]Low-level mathmatical functions for lines
m_polygon.c [code]
m_transform.c [code]
o_arc_basic.c [code]Functions for the arc object
o_attrib.c [code]Utility functions for attributes
o_basic.c [code]Functions for the basic object type
o_box_basic.c [code]Functions for the box object
o_bus_basic.c [code]Functions for the bus object
o_circle_basic.c [code]Functions for the circle object
o_complex_basic.c [code]Functions for complex objects
o_embed.c [code]Functions to embed and unembed symbols
o_line_basic.c [code]Functions for the line object
o_list.c [code]
o_net_basic.c [code]Functions for the net object
o_path_basic.c [code]
o_picture.c [code]Functions for the picture object
o_pin_basic.c [code]Functions for the pin object
o_selection.c [code]
o_text_basic.c [code]Functions for the text and fonts
o_types.h [code]
papersizes.h [code]
prototype.h [code]
prototype_priv.h [code]
s_attrib.c [code]
s_basic.c [code]
s_clib.c [code]The component library system
s_color.c [code]
s_conn.c [code]The connection system
s_cue.c [code]
s_encoding.c [code]
s_hierarchy.c [code]
s_log.c [code]
s_menu.c [code]
s_page.c [code]The page system
s_papersizes.c [code]
s_path.c [code]
s_slib.c [code]
s_slot.c [code]Utility functions for slotted components
s_textbuffer.c [code]
s_tile.c [code]Splits a page into tiles
s_toplevel.c [code]
s_undo.c [code]
s_weakref.c [code]Utility functions for weak references and pointers
scheme_attrib.c [code]Scheme API attribute manipulation procedures
scheme_complex.c [code]Scheme API complex object manipulation procedures
scheme_deprecated.c [code]Deprecated Scheme API functions
scheme_init.c [code]Scheme API initialisation
scheme_object.c [code]Scheme API object manipulation procedures
scheme_os.c [code]Scheme API functions for misc. OS-related stuff
scheme_page.c [code]Scheme API page manipulation procedures
scheme_smob.c [code]Scheme representations of gEDA C structures
scheme_toplevel.c [code]Scheme API procedures for working with the TOPLEVEL
struct.h [code]
struct_priv.h [code]
u_basic.c [code]
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