File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
a_pan.c [code]
a_zoom.c [code]
g_attrib.c [code]Scheme API functions for manipulating attributes in gschem-specific ways
g_funcs.c [code]
g_hook.c [code]
g_keys.c [code]
g_rc.c [code]
g_register.c [code]
g_select.c [code]
g_util.c [code]Scheme utility functions
g_window.c [code]
gettext.h [code]
globals.c [code]
globals.h [code]
gschem.c [code]
gschem.h [code]
gschem_accel_label.c [code]
gschem_accel_label.h [code]
gschem_action.c [code]
gschem_action.h [code]
gschem_cairo.c [code]
gschem_defines.h [code]
gschem_dialog.c [code]
gschem_dialog.h [code]
gschem_pango.c [code]
gschem_pango.h [code]
gschem_struct.h [code]
gschem_toplevel.c [code]
i_basic.c [code]
i_callbacks.c [code]
i_vars.c [code]
i_vars.h [code]
m_basic.c [code]
o_arc.c [code]
o_attrib.c [code]
o_basic.c [code]
o_box.c [code]
o_buffer.c [code]
o_bus.c [code]
o_circle.c [code]
o_complex.c [code]
o_copy.c [code]
o_cue.c [code]
o_delete.c [code]
o_find.c [code]
o_grips.c [code]
o_line.c [code]
o_misc.c [code]
o_move.c [code]
o_net.c [code]
o_path.c [code]
o_picture.c [code]
o_pin.c [code]
o_place.c [code]
o_select.c [code]
o_slot.c [code]
o_text.c [code]
o_undo.c [code]
parsecmd.c [code]
prototype.h [code]
s_stretch.c [code]
x_attribedit.c [code]
x_autonumber.c [code]
x_basic.c [code]
x_clipboard.c [code]
x_color.c [code]
x_compselect.c [code]
x_compselect.h [code]
x_dialog.c [code]
x_dialog.h [code]
x_event.c [code]
x_fileselect.c [code]
x_grid.c [code]
x_image.c [code]
x_log.c [code]
x_log.h [code]
x_menus.c [code]
x_misc.c [code]
x_multiattrib.c [code]
x_multiattrib.h [code]
x_pagesel.c [code]
x_pagesel.h [code]
x_preview.c [code]
x_preview.h [code]
x_print.c [code]
x_print.h [code]
x_rc.c [code]
x_script.c [code]
x_states.h [code]
x_stroke.c [code]
x_window.c [code]
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