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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
f_export.c [code]Import/export functions
g_rc.c [code]RC-file specific functions
g_register.c [code]Functions to register Scheme functions
gattrib.c [code]
globals.c [code]Global declarations
globals.h [code]Global variable declarations
gtkextra-marshal.c [code]
gtkextra-marshal.h [code]
gtksheet_2_2.c [code]
gtksheet_2_2.h [code]
i_basic.c [code]
i_vars.c [code]
i_vars.h [code]Default variable value declarations. Default variable value declarations
listsort.c [code]
parsecmd.c [code]Functions to parse the command line
prototype.h [code]
s_attrib.c [code]Functions to operate on attributes in STRING_LISTs
s_misc.c [code]Miscellaneous STRING_LIST functions
s_object.c [code]Functions for manipulating OBJECTs
s_rename.c [code]Functions to rename STRING_LIST contents
s_sheet_data.c [code]Functions involved in manipulating an entire SHEET_DATA structure
s_string_list.c [code]Functions involved in manipulating the STRING_LIST structure
s_table.c [code]Functions to manipulate the TABLE structure
s_toplevel.c [code]Functions to manipulate the TOPLEVEL struct
s_visibility.c [code]Functions to manipulate attribute visibility
struct.h [code]Definitions of structures used in gattrib
x_dialog.c [code]
x_fileselect.c [code]Functions to display file open/save dialog box
x_gtksheet.c [code]Functions to interface to the spreadsheet widget
x_states.h [code]
x_window.c [code]Functions for the toplevel window
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